Video Gallery (Choreography)

Every body
A duet by and with Liz Erber and Andrew Wass
9. June 2014
Expat Expo 2014
English Theatre Berlin⎢International Performing Arts Center

Every body from Liz Erber on Vimeo.

Every Body, a dance performance in experiential anatomy: We all possess a body but for most people it is not so often that one thinks about the contents, structure, function, or anatomy of this body (not at least, until something goes wrong or something stops functioning properly...we are not going to go there.) In this performance we bring attention to the body each of us is inhabiting, and invite audience members to tune in to the experience of their body through focus, touch and movement. In this way we bring attention not only to the outer performance space that we the performers are inhabiting, but the vast inner space of each and every individual. Every Body is a performance of anatomy and anatomical function (i.e Breath, circulation, fascia.) It is a performance of connecting anatomies expressed through dance, sound and words. Andrew and Liz connect with one another and directly with the audience. 

I offer you...
A duet by and with Liz Erber and Andrew Wass
23. April 2014
Social Muscle Club
Sophiensaele, Kantine, Berlin

I Offer You - Social Muscle Club, Berlin from Liz Erber on Vimeo.

Tip of the Iceberg: a history of an American Obsession
English Theater Berlin/ International Performing Arts Center
30. July,  2013
Director/Author: Liz Erber
Performance: Robert Rodgers, Harvey Rabbit, Liz Erber

Tip of the Iceberg: the story of an American obsession - Trailer from Liz Erber on Vimeo.

Tip of the Iceberg is a multi-media play, with an absurdist and darkly humorous look at modern American life. Through text, movement, video and music we glimpse into the lives of three individuals, who are seemingly trapped by their own limited views of the world. One individual, WOMAN, is attempting to dream her way out. Central to our characters' lives is the story of Iceberg lettuce - a story of modern American food (exported to the world), monoculture, marketing, modern economic colonialism, and more. Juxtaposed to this fictional story is the current reality of the actors' lives in Berlin.

 Mixing Blues & Oranges 

Producer/Director/Editor: Liz Erber
Assistant Director/Camera: Alex Zampini
Sound Editing: Julia Kny
Performance: Hanna Sistek, Robert Rodgers, Harvey Rabbit, Liz Erber
Music: Carlos Gardel arranged by Guy Bergeron, Julia Kny, Baba James (James Whetzel)

I am proud to have been one of three featured artists for the August 2013 Edition of the online film festival Dances Made to Order, and proud to have been sharing the electronic online stage with two accomplished artists: Alfredo Salomón from Mexico and Laura Karlin and Sofia Klass from Invertigo Dance Theatre of Los Angeles. 

Mixing Blues and Oranges is a romantic physical comedy based on the given themes: a quarrel between lovers and be inspired by odd numbers.

This is a 30 second trailer. You can view the full film, as well as the films from Alfredo Salomón and Laura Karlin, by making a donation to the artists here: . Mixing Blues & Oranges (an excerpt) from Dances Made to Order on Vimeo.
Watch these films from anywhere at anytime from your computer or favorite mobile device. Your contribution goes back to the artists to support their work. 

Chapters of Now
Expat Expo/ English Theatre Berlin
27. Feb 2013
Featuring: Andrew Wass, Henrik Kaalund, Liz Erber

Chapters of Now: Andrew, Henrik and Liz at English Theatre Berlin, 27. Feb. 2013 from Liz Erber on Vimeo.

8. November, 2012
No Ballet Competition Finalist

Choreogrpahy: Liz Erber
Sound design: Julia Kny
Performance: Irene Cortina González, Leah Katz, Annekatrin Kiesel, Liz Erber
Costume and Design: Arianna Fantin

CHORO CORPORA has also been performed at K77 Studio and ada Studio.  Special thanks to both for their support.

Into the Deep (Selections)
K77 Studio, Berlin
May 21st-22nd, 2011

Choreogrpahy/Music: Liz Erber
Performance: Irene Cortina González, Jessica Kammerer-Georg, Leah Katz, Annekatrin Kiesel
Text & Reading: Mr. Ocean
Lights/Tech: Ansgar Tappert

Into the Deep began as an investigation of spine—our ancient vertebral backbone—
undulation (fluid wave movement), and evolution. By fully exploring the movement
possibilities of the spine, we connect to the physical possibilities passed down to us through a
long line of evolutionary history. It is a tearing away of human culture, to reveal kinetic
meaning and the memory of cell, bone, blood. 

From the Deep Blue Sea
10 x 6 Series, ada Studio

Choreography and Music: Liz Erber
Performance: Zinzi Buchannan, Lily Dwyer, Leah Katz
Dates: Nov 20-21, 2010

From the Deep Blue Sea from Liz Erber on Vimeo.

Collective Memory (The Holocaust Project)
Dance for video project

Choreography: Liz Erber
Performance: Michaela Bagnoli, Beata Kana, Andrea Hackl, Marco Kurek, Katja Münker, David Neuco, Susy Ostereicher, Verena Simon
Location: Memorial for the Murdered Jews of Europe, Berlin
Date: August 2007

Collective Memory is an investigation into how the history of the Holocaust lives inside of us
today. Jews and non-Jews, Germans and non-Germans were involved in the project.

Holocaust Project: The Collective Memory from Liz Erber on Vimeo.

Phylum Unknown
Choreography/Performance: Liz Erber
Music Composition/Performance: James Whetzel
Location: On the Boards, Seattle, USA
Perfromance: June 15-16, 2008

Messy Times (Selections3:48; original length – 20:01)
Choreography/Costume/Sound editing: Liz Erber
Dancers: Carlee Klingenbeck, Michele McCaughly, Kristin Myers, Megan Sipe, Corina Stoicescu, Ying Zhou
Music: Evening Prelude—Sophia Gubaidulina, Schön Rosmarin—Joshua Bell, Syrinx for Flute Solo—Debussy, Hell—Squirrel Nut Zippers
Location: Velocity Dance Center, Seattle, USA
Performance: Jan 26-29, 2006

Messy Times was a commission from Velocity Dance Center for their annual Bridge Project.
Three choreographers are selected and matched with dancers. The choreographers have 13
days of rehearsal during a 3-week period (39 hours total).